The Best Football Uniforms in the West

Who has the best uniforms in the West? We take a look and rank all 25 uniforms from the Pac-12, Mountain West and BYU.

Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA Today

Article By: Nick Battey

25. Utah State

Someone had to be last, and unfortunately for the Aggies they are that team. There is nothing about these uniforms that is particularly cool or interesting. The same dark blue/black colors don’t give much of an identity at all.

Photo: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

24. Fresno State

Fresno should have awesome uniforms, but I feel like they have left a lot to be desired with their current look. They have a great color scheme of blue and red, but they don’t seem to have enough blue in there. The Bulldogs switched to Adidas this summer and it will be interesting to see how the uniforms look when Mountain West football resumes. Below is a picture of one of their new combinations.

Photo: Fresno State Athletics

23. Arizona

The first Pac-12 team on the list is Arizona. The Wildcats have excellent lettering font for their name but when it comes to the uniforms, much like Fresno State, they have too much red and not enough blue on one uniform.

Photo: Arizona Athletics

22. Nevada

Similar to Utah State, Nevada’s color scheme doesn’t help here much with their uniforms. Very bland with not much flavor involved.

Photo: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

21. New Mexico

The Lobos' uniforms have a very cool font and that’s about the extent of what they have going for them. Again, all red uniforms are too much and there isn't enough that stands out to the viewer.

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

20. BYU

BYU’s uniforms are classic. The uniforms have been largely unchanged for decades, but it might be time for BYU to spice it up a bit. The lighter blue uniforms are great and one of the best in college football, but the darker blue isn't very appealing.

Photo: BYU Football

19. California

Cal’s helmets are beautiful and if we just ranked helmets they’d be much higher, but the jerseys and rest of the uniform aren’t anything special which lands the Bears at 19 on our list.

Photo: Cal Athletics

18. Stanford

Stanford, much like BYU, have had the same look for a long time. Nothing bad about it, but it’s a little outdated, maybe some newer alternates could spice things up a little bit. The road white uniforms look nice but the home uniforms feel a bit dull.

Photo: Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

17. San Jose State

First of all, it’s a complete coincidence that all of the Bay Area teams are ranked next to each other. SJSU has a very cool color scheme and that brings them to about an average uniform throughout college football.

Photo: SJSU Athletics

16. Washington State

For the Cougars it’s all about which combination they use. Some look like top 10 material but some are pretty bad. Average those up and you find yourself here.

Photo: WSU Football

15. Colorado State

The ram horns on the helmet are perfect and should never be changed. But the jerseys could be improved. There’s just nothing on them. Maybe add something on the shoulder pads and then we could talk.

Photo: Colorado State Athletics

14. Washington

The Huskies' new Adidas uniforms leave some to be desired with the font, especially on the road uniforms. The uniforms are solid, ranking them in the middle of the pack on this list. It will be interesting to see what alternative uniforms Adidas will release for UW when Pac-12 football resumes.


13. Utah

Utah does just enough to switch up their uniforms and puts just enough on it to make it look cool and fresh. The mountains on the shoulders are very cool and red and white go very well together. Utah has also become known for some very cool helmet variations.

Photo: Ravell Call, Deseret News

12. UNLV

The Rebels are allowed some fiery, all one color uniforms because they’re in Vegas with all the glitz and glamor. It works for them, especially moving into the new stadium soon and a new head coach. Their color scheme allows for some great combinations and these are some of the most underrated uniforms in college football. With UNLV on the rise, expect more attention on the Rebels in coming years.

Photo: UNLV Athletics

11. San Diego State

When I first went through this list I thought the Aztecs would be higher, but that just shows the amount of great uniforms on the West Coast. SDSU’s uniforms are very well done from the helmet on down and may deserve to be ranked even higher.

Photo: SDSU Athletics

10. Wyoming

Brown and Mustard is so Wyoming, and it’s so unique that it puts them in the top 10. When you see these uniforms you know it’s the Cowboys on the field. Especially for a team from Wyoming, that’s a huge plus.

Photo: Wyoming Athletics

9. Oregon State

Oregon State has some of the most underrated uniforms in the Pac-12. The Beavers get overshadowed by their neighbors to the South but quietly have some very cool combinations, especially the cream white road jerseys. We need more cream in uniforms.

Photo: Oregon State Athletics

8. Arizona State

ASU has been one of the schools to really dip into the uniform craze the past decade, debuting many different uniforms for a try and most of them seem to be a success. The unique Maroon and Gold look is very helpful as they can do things that clearly only the Sun Devils can do. Oh, and one more thing, bring back Sparky on the helmets!

AP Photo/Al Goldis

7. Colorado

The Buffs have some uniforms that don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. The black and gold look at home games is so iconic, yet also fresh still to this day. Don’t change CU.

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

6. Boise State

The blue uniforms with the blue turf are a sight to see. Boise State has grown such a huge brand in college football that it’s obvious when you see these jerseys you know who is playing. Blue with a speck of orange is tough to beat.

Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

5. Air Force

The helmets are what make Air Force rank as high as they are. The lighter blue and white go together very well and they seem so simple, yet there’s just enough there to make the uniforms cool.

Photo: Air Force Athletics

4. Hawaii

The Rainbow Warriors top the Mountain West in these rankings. The uniforms are an incredibly perfect fit to Hawaii with the green/black trim and the special Hawaii related font. When you see these uniforms you know you’re staying up late for the last game of the CFB Saturday.



Now we get into the final three, and numbers two and three go hand in hand with each other. UCLA’s baby blue uniforms with the gold helmets are the epitome of tradition, matching the beauty of their stadium and the beautiful southern California blue sky.

Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

2. USC

Much like UCLA, the Trojan helmets go great with their uniforms and match up perfectly with college football’s tradition. Watching USC and UCLA play in their home uniforms is the best color matchup in college football and it's not even close.

Photo: USC Athletics

1. Oregon

The top spot goes to the school who has forever changed the sport in terms of making football uniforms a fashion statement. The Ducks make changes to what they wear every year but what remains the same is the top notch partnership with Nike to continue leading the way in uniform innovation.

Photo: Oregon Athletics